Who we are

The two founders of WBA are: 

Winnie Fung

​Winnie Fung​ has more than 10 years of experience working for big businesses such as KPMG, Deloitte and PwC. Winnie has a background in tax consultancy. She started working independently in 2012 and works as an in-house VAT specialist with a focus on advising international businesses. Due to her success, she has also started another company for Tax Representation in collaboration with a former colleague. Her Chinese background means she speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. Thus, Winnie has frequently been in contact with Chinese businesses and discovered opportunities for European products on the Chinese market.
Reliability has become very important for Chinese consumers, due to the imitation products that circulate in China. Winnie speaks the Chinese language and knows the culture. That means she has gained the trust of a broad network in China and is able to make successful trade connections. 

Biniam Petros

Biniam (Ben) Petros came to the Netherlands from his birth city Addis Abeba in Ethiopia in 1989. During the 5 years that followed, he studied business administration. He has taken the knowledge he has gathered back to Ethiopia, where he started his own company, specialised in construction machine rental. In 2000, he spent a year in the United States before returning to the Netherlands. Ben has been self-employed, working in the interpreting and translation branch since 2007.
He has always been interested in business, especially import and export, and he has accumulated a broad network of African entrepreneurs over the years. Ben taps into this network  in order to put WBA Export BV clients into contact with the most suitable parties in Africa.


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