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Want to do business in Europe, China or Africa?

Shipping products around the world has become increasingly normal due to the internationalisation of the economy. Clothes, gadgets, jewellery and even furniture are delivered in bulk across the globe. For Europe, the booming economies of Africa and Asia are sales markets to be reckoned with. 

The problem is often that products from (for example) China are not authentic but imitation products. Without relevant knowledge, this can lead to wasting money. That is why within China, the demand for European quality products, including baby and facial care products is on the increase. This provides an ideal opportunity for European suppliers to step in. 

But how does one embark on such an international adventure? It is often difficult to contact Chinese or African importers, due to a language or culture barrier, or due to lack of trust. Without the appropriate approach, plans can turn into expensive plans with little return on investment.
Allow locals to make the connection
WBA Export BV consists of people who know what they are doing. Our team consists of experienced trade professionals with roots in the Netherlands (Europe), Africa and China. This means we not only speak the language, but we also understand the ins and outs of the local cultures. This means you can rest assured that your export party is approached and treated correctly. This is crucial if you want to guarantee positive yield for your export. 

With our local knowledge of the Dutch/European, Chinese and African markets and the various cultures, we guarantee that your export plans are in good hands. Through our professional contact with clients, long-term collaboration with clients in today's most important growing economies is ensured. 
WBA Export BV distinguishes itself through:
●    We make the connection between supply and demand
●    We speak the language of your export destination
●    We take care of contact between you and your client
●    If necessary, we can take care of transporting your goods
●    We are equally active with the European, African and Asian parties in order to guarantee the perfect trade triangle and guarantee seamless cooperation
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